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    1. Lado, J.J., Pérez-Roa, R.E., Wouters, J.J., Tejedor-Tejedor, M.I., Federspill, C., Anderson, M.A.
    “Continuous cycling of an asymmetric capacitive deionization system: An evaluation of the electrode performance and stability”
    Journal: Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2015, 3 (4), pp. 2358-2367.
    2. Vilatela, J.J., Marcilla, R.
    “Tough Electrodes: Carbon Nanotube Fibers as the Ultimate Current Collectors/Active Material for Energy Management Devices”
    Journal: Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27 (20), pp. 6901-6917.
    3. Epifani, M., Comini, E., Díaz, R., Force, C., Siciliano, P., Faglia, G.
    “TiO2 colloidal nanocrystals surface modification by V2O5 species: Investigation by 47,49 Ti MAS-NMR and H2, CO and NO2 sensing properties”
    Journal: Applied Surface Science, 2015, 351, pp. 1169-1173.
    4. Pendashteh, A., Palma, J., Anderson, M., Marcilla, R.
    “Nanostructured porous wires of iron cobaltite: Novel positive electrode for high-performance hybrid energy storage devices”
    Journal: Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 3 (32), pp. 16849-16859.
    5. Shaplov, A.S., Marcilla, R., Mecerreyes, D.
    “Recent Advances in Innovative Polymer Electrolytes based on Poly(ionic liquid)s”
    Journal: Electrochimica Acta, 2015, 175, pp. 18-34.
    6. Isik, M., Lonjaret, T., Sardon, H., Marcilla, R., Herve, T., Malliaras, G.G., Ismailova, E., Mecerreyes, D.
    “Cholinium-based ion gels as solid electrolytes for long-term cutaneous electrophysiology”
    Journal: Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015, 3 (34), pp. 8942-8948.
    7. Pendashteh, A., Moosavifard, S.E., Rahmanifar, M.S., Wang, Y., El-Kady, M.F., Kaner, R.B., Mousavi, M.F.
    “Highly Ordered Mesoporous CuCo2O4; Nanowires, a Promising Solution for High-Performance Supercapacitors”
    Journal: Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27 (11), pp. 3919-3926.
    8. Ayalneh Tiruye, G., Muñoz-Torrero, D., Palma, J., Anderson, M., Marcilla, R.
    “All-solid state supercapacitors operating at 3.5 v by using ionic liquid based polymer electrolytes”
    Journal: Journal of Power Sources, 2015, 279, pp. 472-480.
    9. Sanz, L., Lloyd, D., Magdalena, E., Palma, J., Anderson, M., Kontturi, K.
    “Study and characterization of positive electrolytes for application in the aqueous all-copper redox flow battery”
    Journal; Journal of Power Sources, 2015, 278, pp. 175-182.
    10. Leung, P.K., Mohamed, M.R., Shah, A.A., Xu, Q., Conde-Duran, M.B.
    “A mixed acid based vanadium-cerium redox flow battery with a zero-gap serpentine architecture”
    Journal: Journal of Power Sources, 2015, 274, pp. 651-658.
    11. Tiruye, G.A., Marcilla, R.
    Book chapter: “Ionic liquids and polymers in energy” Applications of Ionic Liquids in Polymer Science and Technology, 2015, pp. 199-229.
    12. Chandrasekaran, R., Palma, J., Anderson, M.
    “Carbide derived carbon electrode with natural graphite addition in magnesium electrolyte based cell for supercapacitor enhancements”
    Journal: Journal of Energy Chemistry, 2015, 24 (3), pp. 264-270.
    13. Darabizad, G., Rahmanifar, M.S., Mousavi, M.F., Pendashteh, A.
    “Electrodeposition of morphology and size-tuned PbO2 nanostructures in the presence of PVP and their electrochemical studies”
    Journal: Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015, 156, pp. 121-128.
    14. Mohamed, M.R., Leung, P.K., Sulaiman, M.H.
    “Performance characterization of a vanadium redox flow battery at different operating parameters under a standardized test-bed system”
    Journal: Applied Energy, 2015, 137, pp. 402-412.
    15. Epifani, M., Comini, E., Díaz, R., Genç, A., Arbiol, J., Andreu, T., Siciliano, P., Faglia, G., Morante, J.R.
    “Surface modification, heterojunctions, and other structures: Composing metal oxide nanocrystals for chemical sensors”
    Journal: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2015, 9364, art. no. 936415.
    16. Epifani, M., Díaz, R., Force, C., Comini, E., Manzanares, M., Andreu, T., Gencç, A., Arbiol, J., Siciliano, P., Faglia, G., Morante, J.R.
    “Surface modification of TiO2 nanocrystals by WOx coating or wrapping: Solvothermal synthesis and enhanced surface chemistry”
    Journal: ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2015, 7 (12), pp. 6898-6908.
    17. del Hoyo, A.M.; Latorre, A.; Diaz, R.; Urbano, A.; Carreno, M.C.
    "Enantiopure Helical Ferrocene-Triazole-Quinone Triads: Synthesis and Properties"
    Journal: Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2015, 357, 1154-1160.