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As part of the strategy to promote and enhance external collaborations, as well as to further promote the external visibility of the Institute, one of the main instruments is the participation in different networks, associations and platforms, both national and international. The Electrochemical Processes Unit is participating in the following national and international organizations: 


  • Joint Programme on Energy Storage in the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) 
  • Working group on Energy Storage of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP-SNET)
  • Spanish Working Group on the European Battery Alliance
  • Spanish Business Association on Batteries and Energy Storage (AEPIBAL)
  • Spanish Technological Platform of Electrical Grids (FutuRed)
  • Spanish Technological Platform for Automotive and Mobility (Move2future)
  • Spanish Inter-Platforms Working Group on Energy Storage (GIA)
  • Spanish Network on Environmental and Energy Applications of the Electrochemical Technology (E3Tech)

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The Institute IMDEA Energy also aims at promoting a close collaboration with the industrial sector to facilitate an efficient transfer of technology. The ECPU maintains active collaborations with the following companies: 

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