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Components fabrication and characterization

The unit has capacities to formulate, shape and consolidate cell components at laboratory and pilot scale. Electrodes can be prepared at micro and macro scales from few mm2 to thousands of cm2.

Coin, Swagelok and pouch cells can be prepared and characterized in the laboratories. Chemical analysis, physicochemical measurements and conventional electrochemical techniques can be applied to characterize components and cells.

1 syntesis characterization 1

  • Ink mixing: 1 ball mill, 1 vacuum and 3 high-shear mixers
  • Ink coating: 2 doctor blade coaters, 2 vacuum driers
  • Ink printing: 1 inkjet printer for microelectrodes
  • Electrode consolidation: 1 roll press and 2 uniaxial presses
  • Coin cells: 1 puncher and 2 crimpers
  • Pouch sealing: 1 vacuum and 1 heat sealing machine
  • Chemical characterization: Ion Chromatography and semiautomatic Titration
  • Physicochemical characterization: viscosity, density, conductivity, pH and ORP meters
  • Electrochemical characterization: Multipotentiostats (50 channels ±10V – 0.5A); Channel boosters 2 x 4A and 1 x 10A; Impedance Spectroscopy; Rotating Disk and Rotating Ring-Disk electrodes
  • 1 Glove box for testing in controlled atmosphere