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“Maria de Maeztu” Seminars structure

In the framework of the “Maria de Maeztu” program, IMDEA Energy changes the structure of its seminars:

Newcomers Seminars. New postdoctoral, senior or senior assistant researchers, as well as visitor researchers with PhD, will have the opportunity to introduce his/her self to IMDEA Energy staff. To that end, they will give us a 30 min presentation (plus 10 min questions), including a summary of their background as well as a description of their future work in IMDEA Energy. In principle, the Newcomers Seminars will have a monthly frequency and will be celebrate the last Friday of each month .

External Seminars. At the proposal of the IMDEA Energy Units prestigious researchers will be invited for the Institution to give a talk. The frequency of these events will be determined depending on the number of proposals.

Senior Researcher Workshop. In this event the senior as well as senior assistant researchers of each unit will give a talk to the IMDEA Energy Staff. In principle, the event will be celebrated along a complete day during June.

Young Researcher Workshop. This event will follow the same structure until now. Predoctoral and postdoctoral researcher with more than a year in the Institution will have the opportunity to show us their work. It will be celebrated in December of each year, before Christmas being the next 2021 its 10Th edition.

Lunes, Febrero 22, 2021