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Distinguished Seminar: “Yeast Advanced Biorefineries: the Microbiologist´s view”

Speaker:  Professor Isabel Sá-Correia


The profitability and sustainability of yeast biorefineries depend on the efficient use of the major carbon sources present in biomass hydrolysates for the production of biofuels and other bio-based products. Due to the natural existence of versatile catabolic and biosynthetic pathways, the recent interest in non-conventional yeast species as desirable cell factories is gaining momentum. The development of robust yeasts strains to overcome the multiple stresses they are faced with, in biomass-based biorefinery processes, is essential for the economic production of advanced biofuels.

In this context, this seminar dedicated to a wide audience will address the objectives and strategies used to explore yeast biodiversity and to get a holistic understanding of genome-wide adaptive responses and tolerance to relevant stresses. This is an instrumental knowledge for the design and construction of superior strains and for the development of sustainable advanced biorefineries.

Short Bio.

ISABEL SÁ-CORREIA is Distinguished Full Professor of Biological Sciences and the founding Coordinator of the Biological Sciences scientific area at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa). She is member of the Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences (iBB) Directive Board and the Head of iBBBiological Sciences Research Group. A Chemical Engineering graduate, Prof Sá-Correia has a PhD degree in the field of Microbiology and, as Fulbright Visiting Assist. Prof., she carried out post-doctoral studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Medical Center, Chicago, USA. With a current h index of 50-Web of Science and h 64-Google Scholar, Prof. Sá-Correia integrates the lists of the most cited scientists worldwide (University of Stanford, 2020). Prof. Sá-Correia research activities are in the fields of Molecular and Cellular Microbiology and Functional and Comparative Genomics, with a focus on the Physiological Genomics of the Microbial Responses and Resistance to Stress in yeasts and bacteria.

Viernes, Octubre 8, 2021