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Conferencia: Present and future of CSP

Ponente: Dr. Cyril CALIOT, Chargé de Recherche CNRS

Centro origen:PROMES-CNRS Lab., UPR 8521, Francia

Lugar: Auditorio del Instituto IMDEA Energía

Fecha: Viernes, 19 Junio 2015

Hora: 12:00h

Viernes, Junio 19, 2015



Dr. Cyril CALIOT


Auditorio del Instituto IMDEA Energía

Nota biográfica: 
Cyril Caliot is a CNRS researcher at the Processes, Materials, and Solar Energy (PROMES) laboratory (France). His research topics cover mainly the field of coupled heat and mass transfer modeling at high temperature (including radiation) in solar reactor and receiver.
Más información: 
Abstract: The state of the art of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology will be reviewed and some actual developments done at PROMES (CNRS, France) will be presented. Specifically, the research about the influence of radiative transfer in high temperature volumetric and surface receivers will be introduced as well as a numerical study on solar thermal decomposition of methane.